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Objective of the company are as follows:

i.Within laws of Nepalese government, different types of people produce handicraft objects, they produce carpet, woolen thread, gold and silver jewelries statues agric cultural products, jute products, different herbals finished cloths Nepalese paper,Lolta and its products as well as these products which are given the permission to be produced by the Government of Nepal such products are bought and sold in the foreign market.

ii.Product of different Companies such as electric, electronics appliances like T.V, Refrigerator mobile, computer, Ac cooler, printer, photocopy and machinery equipment are bought from national and international market for sale.

iii.Stationery and apparatus related to sports are, to be made available from national and foreign market.

iv.Hospital instruments, medicines, herbals and other drugs to be imported and distributed to local market as distributor and retailer under concerned license.

v.Cash products such as leather and its products, wool products, jute products, beauty products, daily needs products, paper and plastic etc are to be imported and exported to local and foreign market.

vi.Junk foods, snacks, bakery items etc to be produced and offered to the national and international market.

vii.Domestic products to be imported from foreign countries and distributed to national market.

viii.Hardware, construction works and decorative items to be imported and exported to local and foreign market.

ix.Eatables such as pulses, sugar, wheat, oil, noodle etc to be imported and exported in the local market.

x.Domestic products such as cardamom, mushroom, honey, yarsagumba, dry meat etc to be purchased and offered to local and foreign market.

xi.Dairy products and different kinds of fruits to processed and different type of eatables such as sweets, squash, juice etc to be produced.

xii.Agricultural fertilizers, organic seeds, pesticides and Animal fodder is to offer in the local and National market.

xiii.Different types of raw materials and machinery parts are made available for sales.

xiv.Different types of wooden and steel furniture and furnishing substances are imported from foreign as well as produced itself in the nation for sale.

xv.The company can work as products agency , dealer, distributor or agent and sub agent of nation or foreign company ,invest capital in the purchase of producing and produced apartment , housing, business complex and invest on producing and produced apartment for sale.

xvi.It buys the land and plot it for sale.

xvii.It invests in the energy sources like solar, water, wind.

xviii.Different national and foreign artist and different kinds of CD, DVD, camera produced in the art sector as well as other items are brought and sell.

xix.According to the necessity of different company, person, firms different houses, bungalow, land are bought and sold.

xx.Different foreign experts as well as foreign national experts are used for research and run training centre to produce expert manpower.

xxi.As per above objectives related government and non-government organization run tender etc where company take part and encourage to invest to buy such precious jewels.

xxii.The objects necessary to built house are produced and sold in the market.

xxiii.As per above objectives related national and international meeting, seminars, assembly, business fare etc are the places where the company take part and also organize such meetings.

xxiv.All the objectives of section I to be achieved under the obligation of rules and regulation of concerned authority.